A Safe Way To Have Unprotected Sex

By / May 20, 2016

There often comes a time when an individual is out of town for business or pleasure, and need a little adult interaction. In some cases, individuals will call for an escort to share time with them. The escort is attractive and spontaneous; mix a little alcohol and all inhibitions are now out the window.

Sex is the best stress reliever there is and happens to be one of the easiest ways to contract an STD (sexually transmitted disease). However, there are some practices that a person can incorporate, and not have to worry about getting pregnant or be at risk for an STD.

One way to enjoy each other without worrying about such factors is mutual masturbation. The idea may sound lame, but the experience is much more engaging than one would think. This is considered the ultimate tease session. While both parties are completely undressed, there is a no touching rule that is so easy to break, but that is where the fun begins. Get as close as you can without touching each other, and when you do touch use only your hands. Just remember to keep all fluids to yourself, for the protection of your partner. It can be extremely erotic to watch someone bring themselves to orgasm, while doing the same yourself.

If both parties want to experiment, there is always the “back door” route. While some may frown upon having sex this way, for those willing to give it a go, it can lead to pleasures like nothing ever experienced before. However as with vaginal sex, there is also the risk of contracting STD’s. The only thing anal sex prevents is pregnancy. There is, of course, the “morning after pill” for women who are scared to become pregnant if their partner didn’t “pull out” in time.

While the heat of the moment may be overwhelming and the sex is amazing, it is important to take responsibility for one’s actions. As of today, there is no sure and safe method for having unprotected sex. While technology continues to expand, perhaps one day, there will be. After all, there is one product coming on the market soon, Vivagel that kills 99.9% of STD’s. It is lubrication to use before intercourse, and who doesn’t like using lube? When this particular product becomes available, then there will finally be a guaranteed way to have unprotected sex.

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